5 Basement Lighting Ideas

Looking to add a bit more light into your dreary basement? Here are some lighting fixture ideas to consider.

Recess Lighting

Recess lighting is a great option if you have a finished ceiling. The light fixture is built into the ceiling, leaving a clean look to let your basement’s décor shine through. This type of lighting adds bright and focused light to any area in your basement and can be used for any area of your basement including dining, crafts, and gaming areas.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and hover over an area that requires focused light. They are fantastic additions to billiards tables, wet bars, and desks. Pendant lights can go beyond offering focused light. You can also find pendants providing colorful accent lighting or ambient lighting.

Industrial Style Lighting

Industrial style lighting is great if you have an unfinished basement that display your home’s bones. The exposed structural beams, mechanical systems, and concrete walls create the perfect environment for industrial lighting. These lighting fixtures are typically made of glass and metal and look like the fixtures you’d see in a gym.

Track Lighting

Quart-halogen track lighting is a great option if you want to be able to focus bright light precisely without having a huge fixture. Track lighting offers a bit more flexibility because you can easily adjust where each head is facing and many come with faders to adjust the light to your liking.

False Window Light

If you want to create the illusion that you have windows in your basement, try a false window light. They are technically custom light fixtures but are easy to build. All you have to do is face and trim a window-sized opening on the wall, paint the wall white, hang some fluorescent bulbs, and hang a translucent window treatment over it. Make enough of these and you’ll create the illusion you’re above ground.


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