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Basement Renovation Brampton

Basement renovation in Brampton is aimed at creating extensions of living spaces for home owners. The City of Brampton has been growing now for decades and is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. With a vibrant community, colleges, manufacturing and logistics industries, Brampton is a good city for both long time residents and newcomers.

Basement Reno Plus provides its clients in Brampton with choices to improve their homes, creating more space for them to live in and adding a basement rental apartment, otherwise known as a second suite, to create rental income for themselves. People in Brampton also love beautiful homes and have engaged us to provide them with bathroom remodels and kitchen renovations that bring enjoyment and pleasure in their homes. A basement renovation, kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation in Brampton increases their home’s value in the long run.

The most popular motivation for a basement renovation in Brampton is the addition of an apartment in the basement. Unfortunately, many people take shortcuts and build a basement apartment without approvals from the City. This is a dangerous trend and we strongly advice against it. As a homeowner, you expose yourself to unnecessary risks, the most critical one being that insurance will not pay any claims if something were to happen to your tenant or property.

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Our basement finishing services for Brampton residents:

  • Basement Kitchens
  • Recreation Spaces
  • Basement Finishing
  • Rental Suites
  • Crafts spaces
  • Basement Bathrooms
  • Multimedia Rooms

Why finish your basement?

Brampton residents like to do a basement finishing project to provide additional living space and/or rental income from their basement apartments. The main advantages of basement finishing are:

  • create extra living space for the family
  • add bedrooms that could sleep guests and visiting family members
  • create an in-law suite

The City of Brampton has a program in place for residents to avail of, which allows them to put in a second suite in their property. We help homeowners in Brampton create and apply for a second suite, which is really the starting point of a large renovation. It goes without saying that we recommend very strongly that homeowners obtain permits before any work starts. 

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