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Basement Renovation Markham

The City of Markham in Ontario has a flourishing community of residents with roots from around the world. Popular home renovations in Markham include Finished basements, kitchen remodels, bath renovations and landscaping. If you are looking for adding more room to your home, a basement renovation in Markham will get the job done. Eliminate the hassles involved in preparing, staging, selling and moving from your current home by simply improving the home to the extent that you desire.

Our team of licensed and trained professionals at Basement Reno Plus has brought homeowners in the City of Markham a wide array of choices to help create the home of their dreams. By completing a basement renovation project, you can add to the square foot area of your home in a few short weeks. In Markham, property prices continue to rise and a basement renovation will create a permanent increase to the value of your home.

Most homeowners in Markham want extra living space for a growing family, in-laws or guests. A finished basement also provides a space that can have a variety of uses and provide a spot for relaxation after a long day at the office. Our team is able to help define your vision and then convert it into a reality for you.

Our basement renovation Markham services include:

  • Basement Finishing
  • Home theatre and Gym rooms
  • Home offices
  • Spare bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms

Why Finish your basement?

From our years of experience, we find that homeowners in Markham who carry out a basement renovation, kitchen renovation or remodel of a bathroom are mainly focussed on:

  • updating the look of their home
  • increasing the square foot area of the home
  • creating more bedrooms for house guests
  • add to the value of their home

The City of Markham provides a complete range of permit and inspection services to cater to homeowners who are doing a large renovation project. At Basement Reno Plus, we take on all the tasks of getting the right paperwork together, preparing permit drawings and dealing with the City on your behalf to obtain permits and carry out all the inspections along the way. At the end of the project, homeowners receive final paperwork from the City confirming that the new space now meets all the by-laws of the City as well as the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

If you have any questions about the process or how your home value can be enhanced by a basement renovation, contact any member of our team . We will go over the details of your needs and calculate an estimate for you.


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