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Basement Renovation Oakville

The added living space that you are looking for is right in your own home. If you’ve been contemplating moving out of Oakville because you need more storage or living space, finishing your basement may be the solution you are seeking. Your home actually has more space than you think it does and you can easily avoid tens of thousands of dollars in selling and moving costs by undertaking a basement finishing project.  With home prices in Oakville on the rise, basement renovation is fast becoming a viable option for homeowners to stay, but vastly improve the quality of their lives in their current homes.

At Basement Reno Plus, we pride ourselves in serving customers in Oakville, by offering homeowners like you the ability to create more living space. Our teams work with you to create the one-of-a-kind finished basement that serves your needs. While we offer many types of home improvement solutions, our main focus is on kitchen renovation, bathroom remodels and basement finishing. These three types of projects are known to increase the value of homes, while creating a much superior living environment for homeowners like you.

Depending on where you live in Oakville, it could also be feasible to add a second suite basement apartment to your home, if your purpose is to create an additional source of income. This could be a great way to shave many years off your mortgage payments.

Most popular basement renovations in Oakville include:

  • Home Theater
  • In-law Suites
  • Recreation Spaces
  • Man Caves
  • Home Office
  • Basement Kitchens
  • Basement Bathrooms
  • Craft and Activity Rooms

Key drivers:

For homeowners in Oakville, they key factors driving a large home renovation, kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation are:

  • update to the home
  • entertainment and recreation spaces
  • work-from-home solutions

The Town Of Oakville requires permit applications for large renovations that are carried out in the municipality. We help homeowners file the necessary paperwork with the Town and follow the guidelines stipulated by the Ontario Building Code and the Town of Oakville.

If you have a vision (or need help in creating one), we will be happy to meet with you and discuss your ideas in detail. There is no cost and no obligation for this service. Contact us today to get started.


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