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Basement Renovation Toronto

Toronto is a diverse and multicultural city where space is at a premium. The beauty and vibrant energy of the City is only matched by it’s residents. Basement renovation is becoming more common in Toronto.

Basement Reno Plus offers customers in Toronto the opportunity to enhance their homes with additional living space in this energetic city. Home improvement projects like a basement renovation, kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation in Toronto appeals to residents who want to add to the enjoyment of their homes, while also increasing their asset values over the long term.

Most people in Toronto look for additional living space and that is the primary motivation to complete the project. Additional reasons could be to create a source of rental income. In both cases, a basement renovation is what you need. Whether you need a multi-purpose living space, additional space for the family, extra bedrooms for guests or a home office, we can help.

Our basement renovation Toronto services include:

  • Basement Finishing
  • Rental Suites
  • In-law Suites
  • Recreation Spaces
  • Man Caves
  • Design Services
  • Basement Kitchens
  • Basement Bathrooms
  • Multimedia Rooms

Main advantages:

When Toronto residents choose to do a major improvement in their homes, like a basement renovation, kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation, their main advantages are:

  • improved living spaces
  • more room for guests and other family members
  • increase in home value

The City of Toronto receives and processes permit applications for large renovations that are carried out. We strongly recommend that homeowners obtain the necessary permits (we can take care of this, of course). When your renovation has had the blessings of the City of Toronto, you can be rest assured that the work conforms to all by-laws and the Building Code.

If you would like more information on how a basement renovation can provide the living space you need or have always dreamed of, contact a member of our team today. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and provide you with an estimate for your project.


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