Top 2017 Basement Renovation Trends

Basement renovation has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It can expand the living space in the home, and it can add value. Many people have simply turned the basement into an extra bedroom, or a hangout area for teenage children, but more recent trends are for more creative uses. If you want to do something with your basement, then one of these ideas could be for you.

Open Concept

Open concept spaces are fantastic as they offer a multi purpose space. The uses are practically limitless. Open concept works really well in small basements as it creates the effect of a light, airy space.

Extending Your Home

Some people prefer to keep the decorating theme of the main house present in the basement as well. This gives the whole house a flow, and the basement is just like any other room in the house. It also adds value to your home, as it acts just like the main living area.

Home Theater

The basement can make an ideal home theater, or large TV room. If your budget allows, you could turn your basement into an enclosed home theater. If you want something more affordable, you could make an open, and spacious TV room. You could even add in a kitchenette, or bar area.

Music Room

Turning your basement into a music room will need a plan. You’ll need to consider issues like soundproofing, acoustics, power and safety. You could add a small stage, and a seating area.

Sports Room

Sports fans would love a special space to watch all the action. You could find some comfortable couches, and several televisions to watch all the sports you love at the same time.

Home Brewery

For people who love craft beers, the basement could be turned into a home brewery. If there is space, you could even add a mini pub with a bar, seating and music.

Home Gym and Spa

You can easily turn your basement into a home gym. Install your favorite exercise equipment, and have a sauna, steam shower and massage area fitted.


You could make your basement a multi-purpose area, with spaces for a home office, a lounge area, and a kids play area. You can use dividers to give each area definition.

Walk-out Basement

A walk-out basement brings lots of natural light, and it gives the basement a separate area. It would really well for houses on a hill or slope, but it is possible for most houses. It would need a lot of planning, and you may need to seek zoning permission.

In-Law Suite

You could turn your basement into a stylish guest suite. Smaller basements could have a bedroom, and a bathroom, but if you have the space, you could add in a lounge area, and a kitchenette.

There is no limit to the possibilities for your basement. You can be as creative as you want to be. Find what works for you, and turn your basement from wasted space to a space that is useful and adds value to your home!

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