How to Turn Your Basement into a Media Room

Converting your basement into a media room will maximize the usefulness of the space while providing yet another room in your home to be used for playing video games or watching television programs, sporting events and movies.  Whether used as an extra room to allow for separate viewing experiences or a gathering place for the whole family, a basement media room is a welcome addition in any home.  This article will cover some of the choices you will need to make when planning your basement conversion.

Choosing The Right Entertainment System

Knowing what your media room will be used for most will help you decide upon the best entertainment system for your basement.  You may not wish to spend as much money on a state of the art surround sound system if you plan on watching the occasional sitcom, whereas if you’re a hardcore gamer, multi-directional sound cues may be the difference between failing the mission or living to fight another day.  Similarly, overhead projector systems might be more useful to a movie aficionado than a casual sports fan.  Predicting what the area’s primary use will be will give you some clue as to what type of entertainment system makes the most sense.

Choosing The Proper Background

A room with few or no windows and darker coloured walls and floors will be more conducive to taking in a big screen than will a brightly lit and painted background.  Darker coloured walls and floors will mute any annoying reflections while blacked out windows will prevent the sun from bleaching out the TV screen during the biggest play of the game.  Also to keep in mind are the room’s acoustics.  Thick carpeting, insulated ceilings and soft fabrics will cut down on echoes while preventing noise from disturbing the rest of the house.

Choosing the Proper Furniture

Once again, knowing what the room’s main use will be will go a long way in helping you decide what kind of furniture will be best.  Do you plan on having over large groups of family and friends to watch sporting events?  Will the area primarily be used by you or your children to play video games?  Or will the basement become the new family room for watching TV and movies on a regular basis?  Each scenario will have a different layout and type of furniture that best suits the area.

Choosing The Appropriate Decor

Following most of the other tips on this list, knowing in advance what the media room’s main use will be will help you decide what kind of decor is best suited.  A room that’s mainly used to watch movies should be decked out much differently than a space that will be used to take in sporting events.  Similarly, if the media room is more likely to be used by children, that will dictate a certain decorative style that might not be appropriate for an adult only house.  Deciding on a media room’s theme and intended use will allow the proper choice of accessories and artwork.

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